Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lost and Found

Almost every single week, for over 10 years, this Professional Organizer hears these words..."I've been looking for that ...(fill in, ring, remote, toy, shoe, document, etc.) for SO LONG! Where DID you find it?" It's like music to my ears hearing the joy and relief all wrapped into one glorious homecoming, when what was once lost, has now been found.

Can you relate? Ever have one of those years when more than one precious thing seems to be out of sight, gone for good, and lost somewhere amid the jungle of your home or work life?

You are not alone.
Nine out of ten households are waiting for some prodigal possession to come home.
To keep your household out of the 90Th percentile, here are a few preventative steps you can begin today:

We've just got to Let Go of some of our stuff! There is ALWAYS room to purge. ALWAYS.
Make purging a part of your weekly/monthly routine (like mowing the lawn, or brushing your teeth!). The less you have to live with, the less likely you will loose your prized possessions underneath the rubble and the clutter.

2. PLAN!
Does everything in your house have a "home" ? Does everything have a space and place where it lives? If not, then you need a PLAN. Once you have purged the excess, make a plan and set up a system for where your things should reside at the end of the day.

Procrastination is the biggest stumbling block for losing things time and time again. Don't Procrastinate! Keeping things to a minimum (Purge), have a system in place (Plan) for everything you own, and don't put off until tomorrow (or next year) what needs some serious attention TODAY. The more you procrastinate, the more your life gets backed up, and the more likely you are to lose another precious thing.

Calling all prodigal possessions!!
Come out come out wherever you are!
Purge, Plan and Don't Procrastinate. You will surely have a homecoming of all homecomings when what was once lost, has now been found.

Here's to your organized day!

Kim B.