Monday, March 28, 2011

This is the STUFF...that drives ME crazy!

One of my favorite singing groups of the past are The Carpenter's. I just love Karen Carpenter and her deep lovely voice. One song she sings that continues to be a favorite  in my life is Rainy Days and Mondays.  The song is actually a bit on the depressing side, but it sure rings truth on those days (like today) when a Monday is A MONDAY. And on top of's raining! But if you are an allergy sufferer like myself, you are actually breathing a little deeper today. So there IS blessing in the rainy Monday. A new song on the top Christian charts that I love is by a young sweet mom named Francesca Battistelli. It's called, This Is The Stuff...and it's about  all the "little things" that seem to pile up into bigger things.  The little things that are really just that....little. But depending on the day of the week (Monday), and the condition of the day (Raining), and the hurried and harried YOU that is trying desperately to get through it, those little things can ofter seem monstrous.  Amen?

However, when we look at the little things that keep tripping us up as blessings and lessons in disguise from our Creator, we can dance in rain and we CAN make it through our Mondays. What can you eliminate today from your home, your calendar, or your thought process to make your Monday a blessing and not a curse?  Think about it! Let's be intentional about living The Simple Life this week.  I've attached this fabulous song for your enjoyment.  Don't take yourself quite so seriously today. 

It's all just stuff...and most of little. 

Happy Rainy Monday!