Friday, September 25, 2009


How many times each week do you get in the car, and half way down the street only to realize that you forgot something you needed? Anyone? Almost every week I have "things" that need to be returned, taken to a friend or to work that day and I find myself walking out the door and FORGETTING!

A number of years ago I started a system of using a "tote" to keep those important things in to help me remember! I call it my "Go Tote" ! This is any type of tote, or bag, or basket that sits by the door that you leave through each day. In it will go, your library books, clothes to take to Goodwill, that dish you borrowed from you BFF, and anything else that needs to be carried away with you. As you settle in the night before and get ready the next morning, all those things you need, can be placed in your "Go Tote" so that you won't FORGET!
When you leave the house, grab your Go Tote!

Once it's emptied, it can be used as a "clean sweep" basket to clean out your car at the end of the day. Bring it inside, and start all over again.

It's as simple as that ! Market totes, cute grocery bags, or baskets can be found at your local Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Marshall's!
Very inexpensive, and very helpful.

Here's to your organized day and NOT Forgetting!

Kim B.

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