Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keep Your Kids from Catching the CLUTTER BUG!

If you can’t see the floor of your childs room or you’re afraid to open the door, then it’s time for a new plan. Help your kids ORGANIZE their rooms so that their space is fun to play in and easy to pick up. And let them know that putting their rooms in order does not mean they have to throw away all their treasures.


1. Set a good example. Keep your own rooms organized. Make it a household rule that beds are made every morning and floors picked up every evening. Your children will learn your habits (good or bad) and carry them out into the world as they grow up. Order begins with you. Set a good example.

2. Include your children in the order of their room. This gives them ownership of the process and teaches them why it’s important and how to do it. Try to see your child’s room from his/her perspective. Hang shelves and hooks where they can reach their things.

3. Teach your kids to group similar items together (example: books, balls, cars, dolls, etc.). This will help them know where to put things. Every item in their room should have a home where it resides when not in use.

4. Use open storage bins, or baskets or containers so children can see what’s inside. If it’s out of sight in a large toy box, it’s usually out of mind. LABEL liberally - use a label maker for their storage bins or photographs for children that cannot read.

5. Under the bed boxes are great for storing artwork, puzzles and off-season clothes.

6. Rotate toys and games, and leave out only a reasonable number at any given time. When your child outgrows a toy or game, give it away. Then pull from your hidden stash and call it your “TOY LIBRARY”.

7. Put a laundry basket on the floor or their closet to keep their dirty clothes off the floor. Begin now teaching your children how to wash and fold laundry. It takes a village to raise them and to launder them. Why not pool from your own village.

8. Have a few “clean sweep” baskets around the house designated for toys and clothes/shoes that need to be returned to their specific rooms. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes each night for a quick pick up.

9. Using a “ 5-days of the week” closet- hanging organizer. This will help your child know what to wear each day. It saves time and stress getting ready in the morning if you plan ahead.

10. Consistency is a key factor is keeping kids organized. Keep telling yourself… It’s WORTH THE TIME YOU PUT IN IT!

11. Have a yard sale or “DONATE DAY” once a quarter to teach your children the importance of letting go and helping someone less fortunate. This will create more space for you!

12. Create your child’s space to be relaxing, fun to play in and easy for them to pick up.


  1. What a great post! I wish I had read it before my kids were so old!

  2. Kathleen! One day you may have grandchildren, and you can assist your children/inlaws with all of these tips! Thanks for poppin to in!