Monday, August 30, 2010

Make Room for the Car!


Does this picture look familiar?  If so, you are not alone. Nine out of every ten houses that have a garage, rarely let the car live in it's very own room. Why?  Because it has become for most of us, a dumping ground for everything that we do not know what to do with!  There are thousands of cars around the world crying out for their very own room! But as consumers, we keep packing in more stuff in their very space. Unless you are saving yourselves a lot of money in monthly storage fees by using your garage for your own YOU-STORE-IT space, then it's time to let out the junk and make room for the CAR!

I know, it can be a bit overwhelming and you don't know where to begin. Never is a new day!  Today we're gonna gain some victory in your most valuable space for "overflow storage" and show your hot wheels some respect.
This weekend is Labor Day, and if you plan to have a "stay cation" with the family, then it could be the perfect time to get things in order at home as the new school year kicks off. Multiply the work of your hands with all the other hands that live with you. Working together gives the entire family responsibility, and it cuts your work time in half. Let's make this a "Take Back the Garage weekend"!

First things first....load up on some ice cold drinks, gather enough rags for each family member, and pull out the garbage bags, garbage cans and the broom.  Once you have all the supplies you'll need then open the garage door and let's begin. 
I always begin every job that involves organization and rearrangement by PURGING. The best way to see your space in full, is to pull everything out in the light of day (weather pending) and begin the process of elimination.  I will bet that almost
40 % of your stuff will find a new home in the garbage or Goodwill.  Wanna bet?

After you've eliminated everything that is definitely rubbish, is not useful, or has outgrown your family, then begin by categorizing what's left.  Stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, or Walmart carry a variety of shelving systems that will help you go UP with your storage to make more room for the CAR!  Before you begin your work day, do some research online or at your store of choice to see what systems work best with your budget and your space.  Next we will begin by sorting into different categories.

Categories for most garages will include:
Gardening (pots, soil, bug sprays, etc.)
Sports (balls, mitts, tennis rackets)
Toys (outdoor toys, small riding vehicles, etc.)
Biking Equipment (helmets, water bottles, etc.)
Boating/Fishing (if you have a boat)
Lawn (mower, weeder, rakes, edgers, etc.)
These are basic categories most families will have, but you may also need a section for decorations, Sam's/Costco supplies, or laundry (if your laundry room is in the garage).  Containers for each section can also be found at the stores mentioned above.  You may need a variety containers to fit your various items. Label containers with a label maker so you know where to return your things. Assign each family member to a category or two, and have them organize that particular space as efficiently as possible.  Remember, we're making room...FOR THE CAR!

Once you are purged, sorted by category, and contained, give the garage a good sweep and clean up of excess debris.  Any items like decorations or memorabilia that do not fit inside your home, may also be contained up high on shelves in tubs or containers. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?  Give yourself a pat on the back, grab the keys, and move the car into it's desired space. I'll bet you still have time for a cookout and a ballgame on T.V.!

And most importantly, your shiny automobile is...SMILING : )

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