Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Affirmations

There are some days you just need a little reminder that YOU CAN. 
After my second week of being down and out from upper respiratory invasion, I made a choice today to draw a line in the sand and stop the madness of my own discouragement.  You know how it feel terrible, your plans get interrupted because you feel terrible, you can't think straight, you wander around in circles getting nowhere fast, and well...., you just FEEL TERRIBLE. 

Sometimes when we face a mountain of clutter in our lives it makes us feel terrible and we aren't sure where to begin or how to face the madness. The best medicine to change our perspective and to gain a little courage to begin is some daily affirmations of the things we LOVE.  This always helps motivate me to tackle the messes in my life with confidence and perseverance. This video I have attached is one of my favorites.  Everybody needs a little Jessica in their lives!  

After praying through some frustrating strongholds, I found myself late this afternoon, sweeping my carport and saying OUT LOUD...."I love my dog....I love my family...I love my house...I love my car....I love my book bag.....I love my Bible...I love organizing...I love my Jesus....I love my friends....I LOVE EVERYTHING!  And then I felt so much better.

Check out this fabulous reminder and remember that YOU CAN love your house and face the madness with determination after you've given your heart a little affirmation.

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