Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BUNGOBOX for your next MOVE!

Enjoy some savings on your next move!

Organize U is partnering with BungoBox this summer to help you and your family/business with your next big move. Organize U can help get your homes show and sell ready (purging room to room) and packing efficiently and then set up your home organized on the other side. 

BUNGOBOX provides a wonderful new solutions to your packing supply needs!
Bungo Boxes are durable, stackable, eco-friendly plastic containers that’ll

cut the cost of your packing supplies in half and protect your stuff a lot
better than cardboard boxes! Whether you and your family are moving or
your whole office is moving- BungoBox has the best solution for you.

What ORGANIZE U loves about BungoBox is that it is an easy, affordable and
efficient way to pack and move.  Less steps for you and more money in your pocket.
Take advantage of these great savings with BungoBox for your summer move!

Organize U gives BUNGOBOX 2 thumbs up! 

Organize U clients can save %10 with BUNGOBOX

Promo Code: ORGU10

To rent your BungoBoxes, call 888.479.1888

or visit

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