Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy 15 Years from ORGANIZE U!

   This month marks 15 years since the inception of  Organize U! When I stepped out in faith to start my own business I thought I was crazy to do so. Sometimes I STILL think I'm crazy. Being called to the mission field of clutter takes a lot of patience, strength, encouragement and prayer. But the past 15 years has proven to be MORE than I could have ever imagined. I truly consider all of my clients, friends (old and new). Serving the home and the workplace has blessed my life in so many amazing ways. And hopefully Organize U has been a blessing to you too! 

To thank you for the incredible journey these past 15 years, of clearing the way to bring freedom into your homes and your offices,Organize U is offering a $15.00 discount for every client who books an appointment before April 30th. 

I love my clients! Thank you for believing in the process to becoming organized, and striving to live with less so that you can focus MORE of your days on the things and people that matter most.

How do I love you?
Let me count the ways:
1. For believing in the service of organization.
2. For having the courage to ask for help!
3. For being excited and enthusiastic about change, for you and your family.
4. For doing your homework and maintaining the systems you were taught.
5. For asking for help, again, if needed!
6. For sharing your stories with others who also believed in
Organize U.
7. For learning that "stuff" is not what defines you.
8. For having the courage to Let it Go.
9. For opening your homes and hearts to more than just the tangible clutter. 
10. For recognizing the importance of teaching your children the importance of caring for their things and their space.
11. For recognizing the importance of learning for yourself that caring for your things and your space is important.
12. For having the courage to begin.
13. For encouraging me as a Professional Organizer.
14. For shouting out your victories after we have worked together.
15. For 15 years of challenges, changes, victories, freedom stories and lots of fun in the process!

Thank you for your business and your friendship these past 15 years!
Much love,
Kim B.

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