Friday, November 20, 2009

Are YOU The Biggest Loser?

Have you ever watched NBC's show THE BIGGEST LOSER?
Somehow, I have gotten sucked in to watching this crazy show where really obese men and women, some with very powerful testimonies, compete to lose the most weight in a certain time frame to win the tittle of The Biggest Loser.  How in the world did I get sucked in?  Because the drama alone is often too painful to watch. Secretly, I think it makes me feel thinner just watching the show and it motivates me to MOVE my own body. I find myself saying..." If THEY can do it, surely I can do it!"  There are two teams each season competing for the title and they are each driven and coached by Juliane and Bob, two of the toughest motivating trainers on the planet. Not sure I would want to run into either of them at the gym.

Of course, if you and I had a  personal trainer on a mission to help us lose a bunch of weight in a short window of time, because money and title were the driving force, we could be The Biggest Losers too!
Losing weight is an awesome accomplishment!  And it's an ongoing challenge for most of us! Especially if you are living in the 40-60's age range where metabolism begins to take on it's own personality and pace.

Do you often  feel like the "STUFF" in your house has taken on it's own personality, formed it's own Community and made getting around a bit difficult?  If so, your home could be a likely candidate for the show The Biggest Loser. Your closets are busting at the seams, you waist time finding things because  STUFF has choked the life out of your common areas (and your uncommon areas too). And you feel like a big fat loser because all this extra weight keeps you from living the abundant life you and your family were meant to live AT HOME.

It doesn't take long to fall into the category of The Biggest Loser Candidate
We are busy people.  We procrastinate, we say YES to things we don't have time for, we are too tired to manage our stuff, and we begin to do just that...STUFF...stuff things here, stuff things there, stuff things everywhere!  And before we know it...we ARE The Biggest Loser Candidate.

So, you have a choice. 
You can keep on living like the candidate you are becoming...The Biggest Loser.
OR, you could be a WINNER as The Biggest Loser (HOME EDITION) by starting TODAY to break down the strongholds in your life that are causing all the weight gain in your homes. 
You don't need a TV show to motivate you, OR a personal trainer to scream at you....your stuff is already screaming at you!  LET ME GO!! LET ME GO!!

Here are a few suggestions to light your fire...

1.Open those cabinets!
2. Open those closets!
3. Say "NO" to incoming invitations to Do More.
4. Shred the Junk Mail before you Pile It.
5. Purge and someone elses needs.
6. Take inventory before you shop.
7. Take a nap. You will need your energy to claim your New Title.
8. Find the car.  It's there somewhere in the garage.
9. Enjoy the process, because it's freeing and you are losing weight!
10.Include the whole family. You are ALL managers of your stuff. Work as a Team!

Congratulations!  YOU are now offically....THE BIGGEST LOSERS!  (Home Edition)

Now don't you feel GOOD?

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