Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WHAT is hiding in your Cupboard?

Recently, while helping a client begin the organizing process room-t0-room in her lovely, newly renovated, home, we had a visitor.  Our jouney began in the kitchen.  A very good place to start!  After a few hours of purging and sorting through her cabinets, loading up the Goodwill boxes, and making her cupboards sing, we moved to The Pantry. 

Only minutes after pulling everything out that needed to be removed we noticed something that did not belong in the pantry.  The littlest vistor, whom we named, Willie.  
Or otherwise known as, Wooly Willie.  Below are a few photo's of this outdoor creature, that found a safe haven in the inside pantry.  How in the world did an albino wooly worm end up in the pantry? 
We will never know.

But he sure is cute!  What's hidding in your cupboard?  You won't know until you start the organizing process and set all those wild animals FREE!


LOOK really close (or click on the photo to enlarge it) and you will notice that Willie wears Sunglasses.

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