Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Are you a note taker? 
I am a BIG TIME note taker.  I take notes in church, from the radio, while watching TV, or whenever I need to write something down so that I don't forget it later.  We have so much information coming at us all the time, and it's really hard some days to keep up!  AMEN?  So ya know what I do?  I keep little notebooks in my purse, book bags, car console and on my nightstand.  Small enough to keep my purse from overflowing and big enough to take down a substantial amount of information when needed.

Notebooks are great to have on hand when someone needs to give you directions, a phone number or a date for your calendar.  When you're on the go, sometimes it's much easier to have pen and paper ready.  IPhones and Blackberry's are good for jotting down quick information too, but we don't always have time to pull up the app, and type. The good old fashion pen and pad has proven to be the best solution for me. Below is a photo of the notebooks I like best.  The brands I use are called Hot Chocolate and/or
Studio C.  Both can be purchased at your local Target or CVS stores.  I simply love their whimsical and colorful presentation. And two other fabulous features are their stretch straps that keep the pages protected and closed as well as an inside pocket for extra notes or business cards. 

Cute! Useful! Economical! And they pack a purposeful punch. 

What are you waiting for? Go shopping and get your thoughts and note taking covered!

You don't want to miss another incredible piece of information do you?

This little tool could be the beginning of the rest of your organized life (and thoughts!).

Don't forget to buy one in every color!!


  1. I"m going to start today! Target also sells mini composition notebooks!

  2. Notebooks are the best! Yay John!