Sunday, July 10, 2011

Container Clutter

While helping my clients purge to pack to move, I've noticed a recurring issue house to house. CONTAINER CLUTTER. Shoe boxes, containers, old cardboard boxes, etc. saved for those "things" you may ONE DAY put in them.  They seem so useful. The right size. Handy. Stackable. The problem is, they pile up quickly, eating up space in our homes, rarely used to their fullest.

Container clutter is one of the biggest space eaters in your home. Once or twice a month schedule a "container/boxes" inventory day to see what can go and what you WILL use. 
Then the next time you tackle an organizing project and think you need to shop for containers to tidy up your space, first reference your inventory to find ALL the containers and shoe boxes that already live there and repurpose your stock.

Containers are great, but only keep what you have room to store and walk in freedom as you donate and toss the rest : )

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